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Clinically, the chemical components in the hydrosol are primarily acids, which are hydrophilic (water-loving). Why do they work? Because they acidify the water or the product, which is beneficial to the skin or in the body. Thus the hydrosol acts as a healing anti-inflammatory and mild, but therapeutic antiseptic. Bacteria do not live well in acidic environments, which is why acidic liquids such as vinegar make good preservatives for food items like pickles, chile peppers and olives. Acidic environments are astringent and so the hydrosols are useful in skin care products as astringents constrict and contract the tissues. Hydrosols can be used externally in skin care products, internally as a douche, taken as a tonic or combined in a beverage drink. They also make lovely food mists as rose water has been employed for such reasons for quite some time.

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The best [hydrosol] comes from a distillation where it is the hydrosol that is being produced rather than the essential oil. Often the best comes from the earliest part of the distillation rather than the body of the distillation. This usually smells bright and pleasantly fragrant. Although, some of the therapeutic part of the hydrosol is also produced at the very end of the distillation, and usually has a rather grassy or vegetative note. As the plants are being distilled, micro-particles of essential oil are in suspension; they give the aromatic distillate its scent and will separate out as the hydrosol cools. There is approximately .02% essential oil in hydrosol.
— Jeanne Rose

hydrosol // concern

rose geranium // renewing
melissa // soothing + sedative
rose // balancing
calendula // all purpose
tulsi // cold + flu season
immortelle // cell oxygenation
thyme + lemon basil + yarrow // co-distillate, purify
immortelle + lavender // blend, post sun / burns
rose geranium + lemon // co-distillate, reddening concerns
patchouli + orange blossom // blend, oxygenation
lemongrass + tea tree + c tonic // congested skin
wild bee balm + thyme + yarrow // co-distillate, oral health
wild bee balm + tulsi // co-distillate, acneic lesions
immortelle + yarrow // co-distillate, cell regeneration
arnica + calendula + plantago // co-distillate, healing
bay laurel + wild bee balm + sage // co-distillate, scaley skin concerns
lemon verbena + calendula // co-distillate, anti-inflammatory
tea tree + mountain mint // blend