lightening cream cleanser

lightening cream cleanser


This luxurious foaming creamy-gel cleanser will instantly brighten the skin with Swiss plant extracts and the bio-active ingredient Alpha Arbutin to lighten existing pigment while protecting the future by inhibiting the activity of tyrosinase, thereby rendering an immediate brightening with overall skin lightening occurring over 12 weeks.


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Who Is It For?

Normal to Combination skins can benefit from this cleanser, it is great for hyper-pigmentation. Not recommended as a daily cleanser if skin is impure. 

When / How

Use in the morning and evening. Apply a small amount to damp hands, lather and then apply to the face and neck (and chest if desired). Be sure to massage into the backs of your hands also. Use a damp wash cloth or buff puff to assist in lifting dead cells that contain dark pigment. Rinse with warm water. Follow with an appropriate toner and/or additional treatments. 

Complete List of Ingredients

Lemon hydrosol, decyl glucoside & sodium lauroyl lactylate, carbomer, water & arctostaphylos uva-ursi leaf & magnesium ascorbyl phosphate, alpha arbutin, cyclomethicone, yuzu essential oil, lemon & orange extract.


Lemon Hydrosol

One of our very own hand processed ingredients, Botaniko’s Lemon Hydrosol is made from a distillate of lemon peels to contribute bio-flavinoids for enhanced skin lightening and to reduce reddening. Botaniko always utilizes our own organically grown botanicals, transformed into hydrosols to replace any formulation requiring water. This valuable, ancient practice of distilling plants for therapeutic uses renders beautiful aromatic waters that further strengthen the formula benefit and its aroma. 

Alpha Arbutin

Recognized as the safest, most effective skin whitening compound, this ingredient is not to be mistaken for Beta Arbutin. Most manufactures use Arbutin, because it is far less expensive and easier to source than Alpha Arbutin. A patented ingredient manufactured in Switzerland, Alpha Arbutin has shown extraordinarily rapid and safe skin whitening properties and, therefore, is used extensively in our portfolio.

Giga White

Perhaps the most notable naturally-sourced skin whitening compound, Giga White brings the clinically-tested, fully documented benefits of 7 innovative plant extracts together in a potent delivery system developed in Switzerland. Used throughout the Botaniko Skin Lightening System, this ingredient enhances the efficacy of other active principles and ensures an even, luminous skin tone. 

Lemon and Orange Extract

Our Lemon and Orange extract comes from Spain and is a highly concentration of the blend that supports anti-inflammatory requirements as well as pigment lightening requirements.