Our Story

Botanikō - Small batch cosmetic formulators, a team of gardeners and artisan distillers growing organic herbs and flowers and processing them into beautiful extractions. Our distillates, tinctures, and oils are then intentionally formulated into our clinical skincare. 



Founder / CEO
Medical Aesthetician
Product development
Herbal Processing

Deborah Stone was a pioneer in the emerging day spa movement during the late 80’s-90’s.

The Deborah Stone Day Spa opened in 1989 and its offerings were extensive and beautiful, reminiscent of a destination spa.

Deborah holds strong the belief that nature is where all great things begin. She has carried this conviction over into her spa therapies. Hydrotherapy & balneotherapy baths, seaweed wraps, aromatherapeutic massage, an “inhalation room” where beautifully blended essential oils were diffused to relax, inspire and decompress the benefactor prior to the commencement of services. The spa had a juice bar and herbal teas were always available.

However, as an aesthetician, her view was broader. Having seen first hand the benefits of glycolic for acne and aging skins, retinols, Vitamin C, chemical peels and many other cosmecutical treatments, she had to acknowledge the need to balance science and nature. It was her ability to find this balance that made she and her team of 35 successful.

Today that balance, The Botaniko Balance™ is available as Botaniko Skin. Naturally based, science embraced skincare that she and her youngest daughter, Alexandra create.


Founder / Creative Director
Product development

A native of Birmingham, Alabama, Alexandra Flowers is co-founder and creative director of Botanikō Skin and Stone Hollow Farmstead. One could say that Alexandra “Alex” Flowers has been well-steeped in the entrepreneurial lifestyle.

Born and raised by a family with a deep history of independent business owners. Alex is the daughter of Birmingham Spa guru turned cosmetic formulator, Deborah Stone. Together, the women run a small batch skincare company, two retail store fronts, and an 80-acre farmstead where it all originates.

Stone Hollow Farmstead serves as both an inspirational focal point as well as a true laboratory for the brands. Alex develops branding, visual display, marketing strategies, and is the buyer for the two retail stores. New on the horizon is a 2 acre field of hemp as SHF is part of the Alabama Hemp pilot program launching July 2019.

Alexandra’s current challenge is the launch of Farmstead laboratories, a full spectrum CBD oil and hemp products to compliment the lifestyle products currently offered. 



Why Botaniko?

On their 80-acre flower farm, these ladies manage the soil, plant, propagate, nurture, harvest and then distill, extract, tincture, macerate and process the botanical ingredients used in Botaniko Skin.

The farm is complete with an herbal processing facility and lab. Since 2001 Deborah has been developing herbal extracts, hydrosols and therapeutic blends of essential oils before manufacturing effective, naturally based wound care and skin care products. Botaniko Skin, where nature and science join forces for effective, powerful results.